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From studio shoots to trade shows and volcanos to weddings. The locations are never the same but the end goal never changes; create something that tells the story or conveys a message, engage with the viewer and capture their attention. Scroll down to see my focus on video production and my take on editing in these showreel videos.

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In this video I showcase my video production skills as a whole, everything in this video has been shot, edited and produced by me. I try not to limit myself to specific shooting boundaries. I'm accustomed to fully planned and controlled shoots but I also love run and gun projects that require spontaneity.


This showreel focuses mainly on the editing side of things. You can shoot something in a certain way but no matter how much you try, it is 100% down to the editor on how that finished video or picture will be received by an audience. Editing is storytelling and it's where I started before I ever picked up a camera.

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