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With 20 years experience as a Photographer, Videographer, Broadcast Editor, Filmmaker and all round Content Creator. I carry a solid list of contacts that make me capable of bringing a team to fulfil any production need or complete any project from conception to completion. I'm also hireable as an individual freelancer that's highly competent in working to any editing, filming or photographic specification. I'm constantly upgrading my equipment and striving to stay ahead in a forever evolving industry. From 4K cinema camera capture to the latest full frame mirrorless photography systems I'm equipped for the studio and more than happy to operate run and gun.

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My latest projects
Professional camera closeup


I own and exclusively use 4K Canon Cinema EOS System cameras with RF glass and for those hard to reach drone and action cam shots, DJI is my go-to. For audio I use a mixture of Hollyland, Sony, Bose and Rode products. I am constantly researching and trying new equipment to ensure I can provide the best service possible.

Closeup of camera screen


I only use Mirrorless EOS R, R6 & R5 cameras and a full range of RF lenses. These lenses use a 12-pin connection to the camera instead of 8 pins for faster data transfer and with the RF rear lens element being twice as close to the camera sensor than on regular cameras, it means lightning-fast autofocus, enhanced image stabilisation and unmatched image quality is achieved. 

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Editing a Movie


Trimming, cropping, arranging, re-touching, adding titles and advanced graphics. This is where you finish the look, create the narrative and polish it all off. With Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop for photos I've been published in magazines, national newspapers and countless online outlets. Also, through years of television editing I have the unique skill of being fluent on all video editing platforms from Premiere and Final Cut to DaVinci Resolve and Avid with some After Effects and Cinema 4D skills in there for that extra cinematic finish. Whether it's me or a member of the team shooting your photos and video, It is always me finishing the final edits to give you the look and style I have worked hard to achieve.

Doorway Light


Filmmaking and Photography began for me as a hobby 20 years ago. I like to go back to that from time to time and do it for the love of it. From short films to styled shoots and just cool ideas in general. Don't pay any attention to my day rates and packages, just get in touch... If the idea is right, we'll work something out.

Newly Wed Couple


Photos and video provide the definitive keepsake to share and relive all of your special moments from your wedding day. Providing full day coverage with no time limit as standard is the way we do it. I also offer big savings when you choose me for both videography and photography.

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